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Logo Organización Blog Trips RAULThere isn’t a standard model when organizing a successful event and it´s impact when including the participation of bloggers and social media influencers; however there are certain things that if we take them into account that are key to the success of the event.

In the tourism world, we are used to working with Fan trips and Press Trips, with travel agencies, Tourist offices and journalists, which ensure that we bring visibility to the destination by inviting writers and get good publications and reports published about the experience they have had.

Blog trips are current and will be the future too; they combine an understanding of the destination and of the product while having an important impact in Social media and Commercialization channels both through bloggers and Social media influencers that flood timelines and the internet with their photos, tweets, posts and recommendations.

We are living in the era of the Experience and it is materializing as we speak. Share & Share again!


1.-Prepare a Strategy – Set a Blog trip Objective (Conference, inform about the destination, networking, consolidate the event etc.)

2.-Take into account that most bloggers have a job as well as the blog they maintain in their free time. Planning a Blog trip over the weekend or try to take the least amount of time (Fri-Sun) Also choose the best time of the year according to what you want to promote. You can´t market a Ski resort in the middle of August!   ; ))

3.-Choose an original programme of events. Make it different, not more of the same, sell the activities that you really believe will make your guest bloggers feel exclusive and get them buzzing about the destination as they discover new places and experiences. Think out of the box and Surprise them! Sometimes we try to promote things that a tourist actually is actively looking for. What we select should be within the reach of everyone, as much as possible. The Blogger is not looking for statistics but wants to differentiate from the rest with the posts. Be original, the Bloggers usually are. It´s really important that there is free WIFI connection and without gaps or technical problems. It should reach all areas where events take place.

  • 3.1 When thinking about the investment in this event, think about the impact that this event will have and how you will recover the ROI and if you believe and are confident in the success of the blog trip.
  • 3.2 Inform and Plan well the costs or free items that the bloggers and guests will have to assume so that they can plan ahead (drinks, dinner, refreshments, taxis, tickets ….etc.) Courtesy is important but we don´t won´t to take advantage either.
  • 3.3 It is vital that the tourist business or hotel owner (restaurants, hotels..etc.) in the area as well as the main people responsible for the main monuments and museums collaborate actively. They will be happy with the media impact of the event
  • 3.4 When the programme is being prepared, think that the guests and bloggers will need to rest occasionally, think about what they are seeing and publish what they are taking part in real time. Leave some spaces for free time. They will appreciate it and it will be worthwhile for the event.

blogtrips x raul @raulgrx

4.- Once the programme has been defined, create the brand and the hashtag which is adequate for the event: such blogtripCuba / Españalimite / GranadaTop Urdesaldescubierto  Be creative and ingenious. The corporate image of the trip as well as the welcome pack with some items of merchandising will always be welcome and this will help to create the image of the event.

5.- If it is the first time that you are organizing, then it´s best to start of with a few bloggers as a Pilot experience.

6.-Selection of the participants. It´s important that the people you choose are influencers, twitterers, experts in Photography, Gastronomic experts, Video experts, good writers…etc  Each person will bring something different and give different perspectives on the same event.

7.-CASTING. Check the influence before inviting people along.
Check Klout (a score over 50 points is a good basis) or Alexa to see the SEO ranking or even their social media influence. Check out their tweets and posts. Find out what people think of them as well. This way you will create a Dream Team for the blog trip. (lists by specialties, classifying the candidates in the different Social Networks are good practice) .

Once we have the participants selected, we need to get them motivated and on board to share the experience with us .

8.-Work in onboarding the of the bloggers with care and detail. Individually, transmitting and creating expectation around the trip which you have designed. Just like the Coffee maker from Columbia Juan Valdes who says ´Grano a grano´ (one grain at a time)

  • If you are an event organizer, be actively involved, being a perfect host, don´t leave it to others.
  • If you get a blogger to dream about the programme imagining the experiences that he will soon take part in then you have made it.
  • Send out the draft of the event schedule ahead of time so that they can plan their time and their trip logistics.
  • Clearly specify participation details and conditions.
  • Before arrival of the bloggers, but when their names have been confirmed, the expectation is already being generated, they are talking about what they will do each day and what experiences they will enjoy. Even before they arrive make sure you check the Hash tag created for the event and that you publish and tweet that hash tag to everyone.

9.- The day finally arrived. They are all here!

10.- Organize the programme logistics (room list, transfers, entrance tickets.. etc.) with care so that on arrival no one is left out. On the introduction the programme it´s is usual to run through the programme where contact telephone numbers should be added, hotel addresses and the timetable of visits to monuments etc.

11.-It is always positive that there is a local blogger who is active in Social Networks (the same species attract each other)

12.-Remember the last part of point 3.  Free quality WIFI coverage whenever possible.

13.-Enjoy the events as much as possible. The organizer must be another member of the group and lead as well as moderate the actions.

14.-As well as enjoying and publishing the events. You must not forget the most important part is that the tweets, Timelines and posts are shared and promoted. Share share and share some more! The blog trip should be an evangelical seed of our 2.0 philosophy.

* The success of the blog trip will be a precedent and it will help to consolidate your destination to be attractive online and offline.

15.-Have an online platform where content can be added, such as photos, press releases. Make sure that all of the participants are involved and mentioned, ensuring that all of the sponsors (hotels, local authorities, restaurants etc.) are thanked as much as they deserve, always including their logos and website links) The media impact of this website links for downloading the work produced and the benefits of the Blog trip will be contagious.

16.-Compile a file of all the material that has been generated.

17.-Measure the results and compile the material: It is of vital importance that the work doesn’t end in the airport when you say goodbye to your new found friends or friends that finally you have got to know in person after hundreds of tweets and comments. Now you need to compile all the information which was generated and also use tools to check the ROI, found out how much time and cost was invested in the blog trip and see how much economic repercussion has been generated in that destination. This point is Key for Blog trip organization.

18.-Make a dossier and do a Press release with the outcome of the Blog trip. If as well as this you make it into a PDF file and you send it out to the participants then you get full marks! You can share online with thousands of interested readers.

19.-It´s over! No, not at all. It´s the beginning of hundreds of experiences and for you to be qualified as the Blog trip manager. You have just achieved that your destination and it´s business people improve on their reputation, showcase original activities, features of that region, the quality of the offer and highlight more unusual ideas of that area. Also you will meet a lot of new contacts and friends in person not limiting the relationship to just online or on twitter.

20.-Now, don´t lose touch with these participants, transmit what experiences were shared.

bloggers organizar x Raul Blogtrips @raulgrx

Dedicated to all of you who make Social Media a everyday environment, where the emotion is just a mouse click away and where sharing is a necessity. To all the mentors and teachers that have helped me to manage my way this far.

Big hugs to you all: Bloggers, tweeps, SEO´s, CommMgrs, Social Media types…..

I wanna give ma special thanks & Hugs to my dear «Molly» @piccavey for all support, texts translation and more… ¡¡

I really hope you have enjoyed reading this article and that you share the experiences that you have enjoyed with everyone you can.

Kindest regards

@raulgrx – Raúl García Cuesta – MISTERBACKSTAGE

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